The Keyboard Ensembles Book has 7 ensembles. You can purchase them as one book (much cheaper) or individually if you only want one or two of the ensembles. Your purchase is for use in one family, so if you've got a friend who you'd like to play with, please ask them to purchase their own copy. You can hear a couple of them played by teachers below.

Royal March of the Lion | Joshua | Barcarolle | Dona Nobis Pacem
Canon | Minuet in G | Pachelbel's Canon

Music is great to play! We all love a bargain, this music is a bargain as well. Play fair, by paying for the music then tell your friends about how good it is to play. Your friends can then buy the music at the online store as well, that way the composer or arranger gets paid for their hard work in creating this piece of music. Please don’t make copies for other people.

Just like your parents, a composer or arranger needs to earn money for their work, so they can provide for their family. Rather than copying this song for your friends, give them the website so they can purchase it for themselves and have their very own legal & legitimate copy of this song. That way the composer earns a living too! Thanks for playing fair ;-)